What does being a woman mean to you?

Once upon a time, I was roasting some veggies to bring them to work, then I made vegan patties and a great tahini-based dressing, and I realized – this is so simple, so easy, so homely and feels so cozy. I should start a food log. But hey, wouldn’t that be so cliche – a woman who cooks? 

A woman who cooks her lunches to carry to work though – would that be a little more 21st-century-like? And all that made me laugh because I have always been a believer in the you-do-you philosophy where every person had the right to do their own thing – have a career if they please, stay at home raising kids if they please, be an outsider or an edgy artist, or any other path they’d choose: fine with me! So the idea of putting myself in the stereotypical gender role of mine made me laugh. And I kept cooking with a smile on my face because I knew that cooking is not oppressive to me, quite the contrary. It was my choice to be in charge of knowing exactly what I eat, and a sign of my responsibility for my body. If that’s not a mark of a contemporary woman – what is?

I never had (or made) the time to explore my feminine self with all its heavy historical, sociological, psychological and biological baggage. Femininity and womanhood can be viewed and expressed through a whole range of media like movies, books, journals, art, fashion, cuisine, beauty, fitness, geography, and foreign cultures, inspiring people, inventions, poetry, performance, and so much more.

This blog is a gift from me to me – for my 30th birthday coming up in roughly sixteen months. I want to delve into positive womanhood, into the warm and accepting depths of the independent contemporary woman that I am, be grounded in it and truly understand, what it means. Respectful of the differences between us all, observe the whole spectrum and embrace it with love.


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February 18, 2019

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