Money-saving hacks: -$500-$2000/year on coffee

How to save on coffee?

A small coffee at Tim Hortons in Canada is $1.59 CAD, while a 12-ounce black coffee at Starbucks in the US is about $2 USD. A latte is approx. $3. Assuming you get just one small cup of coffee every single day, you’re spending between $435 USD ($580 CAD) and $730 USD ($970 CAD) annually on something you could easily get at a fraction of that price. It’s also a good contribution to your emergency cushion. See below for some money-saving hacks that will help you save up to $2000 in a year, minus the FOMO.

1. Get a cheap coffee machine and save over $500.

This is the money-saving hack I personally went for and here is why:

Money-saving hacks: 3 ways to save $500-$2000/year on coffee
Cheers guys. A day without coffee is a terrible day.
  • I would spend this amount in less than a month getting coffee out ($1.59 per cup assuming you’d get a small black one…), including the cost of ground Starbucks coffee ($12), and coffee filters (up to $2).
  • The machine gives you up to 12 cups of coffee for that price at once and you get to control the quality and flavor.
  • It’s programmable, which means you can wake up to fresh hot coffee. It’s also kept hot for about an hour after it’s made.

I’ve been using the machine for a month already and according to my budgeting app, I spent only $7 in coffee shops this month, versus $108 the terrible month before. Quite a difference! I also really enjoy the flavor of the coffee and the little 5-minute ritual of preparing it.

Money-saving hacks: 3 ways to save $500-$2000/year on coffee
Here is my coffee on the table I’m writing to you from 🙂

20 oz. is usually enough coffee for a month and a half for me. That means that you’ll spend $103.30 per year on coffee and filters, and $29.99 on the coffee machine, which gives you 4 cups of coffee per day at about $0,09 per cup, including the cost of the machine!

If you were to have 4 cups of Tim Horton’s coffee per day, you’d spend $2321 CAD ($1747 USD) per year. This option saves you a whopping $1613,17!

Check it out on Amazon, I’ve noticed it’s currently on sale for $5 less. I’m also leaving you a link to the Starbucks coffee I’m currently drinking, but you will easily find other brands which are just as good and may be cheaper!

Get free Starbucks gift cards.

Another money-saving hack I found would be the use of smartphone apps. There are several ones which can get you Amazon gift cards for doing certain things, but so far I discovered only one where you can exchange points for a wide variety of gift cards and it’s fairly easy to collect points – it is Drop.

It works in the US and Canada. The way it works is quite simple – you can collect points for shopping at partnering stores and cafes. Occasionally, there are quizzes which allow you to earn some extra points. Then you can exchange the points for gift cards to a broad variety of stores and coffee shops. When you first join, you get 5000 points, which you can exchange for a $5 gift card (for example an Aerie or Foodora one), or keep collecting more points, and exchange them for fitness apparel, clothing, electronics, travel, beauty, and more. The lowest point value you can exchange for coffee is $10 at Tim Hortons and $20 at Starbucks. I’m personally going for the movie tickets or clothes because it’s something I’m cutting my expenses on but who doesn’t love a cute new top for free or a guilt-free night out?

If you want to start your journey with $5 to use, click my referral link, download the app, and we’ll both get this bonus!

Money-saving hacks: 3 ways to save $500-$2000/year on coffee
More coffee? OF COURSE!

Drink coffee at work.

This one is the biggest money-saving hack because you literally don’t have to spend a penny on it. Most workplaces provide their employees with complimentary tea, coffee, and filtered water. Instead of waiting in line for your Starbucks cup of coffee in the morning, get to the office earlier and have a cup of coffee there. Not only will you save money in the long run, but you’ll also kickstart your morning more productively.

And who knows, you may even turn this into a social experience with your colleagues?

Do you have any other tips? Let me know! And if you’re struggling with money, you may want to go on a spending fast. Check out my other post where I explained how to do it and not go crazy.

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  • Josefine

    Yes, a day without coffee is definitely NOT a fun day, haha! Once I have a home base (I currently travel full time) I will definitely get a coffee machine. I currently spend too much money on drinking coffee lol. Thanks for the tip! 🙂

    • Woman Restated

      i feel you… when I travel I also tend to buy coffee more often… thanks for stopping by!

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