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30-day vegan “no-spend” bootcamp: save money and train your mind and body!

This was my fridge in February when was the last time I did this to pay my dues!

Each of us has different reasons for doing the things we do. We’ve been hurt, told what to do, we’ve heard we’re not good enough. At other times, we were encouraged because our talents were noticed. We’ve been exhausted: physically, mentally and emotionally. We’ve had relationships that let us bloom – or get up from our knees and fight for ourselves. We’ve heard that negative motivation should not be your motivation. But let’s be honest: anger, disagreement with the status quo and longing for freedom has historically always been the main factor for a breakthrough.

If you want to take full ownership of your life and be the only decisive person in the process, if you have dreams that require you to work your ass off to fulfill, I would like to invite you to the game. The one and only, true personality bootcamp. The game is just between you and yourself, and if you win it, you’re gonna come out of it as a better person. It’s not only free, but you’ll also have extra money at the end. Sounds good? Let’s do this.

What do I want to achieve?

  • I will learn to prioritize, set goals and work hard towards them.
  • I will get fitter, healthier and reset my digestive system. 
  • I will learn new cooking skills.
  • I will learn persistence and getting what I want.
  • I will save money for something I really want to do or have.
Why am I personally doing this? Because exactly in a month from now a close friend of mine, Monika, is visiting me in Canada and we are going on a road trip, so I gotta have some extra pennies on the side! Plus, I constantly want to work towards increasing my health and eating better quality food to feel my best and have more energy and a more balanced mood.  

Ok, gotcha. What do I have to do?
The rules are really simple: you don’t have to do anything, just breathe. Just kidding. See below for some dos and don’ts:

  1. DO set a weekly budget and follow it very strictly. You are only allowed to spend money on nutritious, vegan foods. Junk and processed vegan food are not allowed, but you can make your own burgers, tacos, cookies and whatever you wish – as long as you make them from scratch. Only buy as much as you will consume.
  2. DO eat according to your current body needs for calories and nutrients. Fasting or undereating is not the purpose of this challenge. It’s cheating!
  3. DO plan in advance and cook all of your meals. If you don’t cook, you don’t eat – so pull out your tupperware. Meal prepping is encouraged. It’s not the first time that I’m doing it so if you need inspiration, I will be posting weekly recipes you can use in your own cooking but I’d like to encourage you to do your own research based on your own body needs. 
  4. DO explore your freezer and pantry. Eat what you already have and spend as little as you can while cleaning out your reserves.
  5. DON’T use sugar – anything containing added sugar is banned. Fresh and frozen fruit is acceptable (within reason). 
  6. DO exercise twice a week for an hour – this is mandatory: you can do yoga, pilates, run, go to the gym, box – you name it. 
  7. DO spend at least two hours each week on your hobby. If you don’t have a hobby, either pick up something that’s been on your mind for a while, go out for a romantic walk with your loved one, see a good movie on Netflix (why not make it a classic or documentary), read a book or explore a museum on a free-of-charge day. 
  8. DO buy cleaning products if you run out, but make it as simple as possible. Stretch your creativity and explore new cheaper or discounted products. Beauty products do not fall into this category and yes, you can survive a month if you run out of mascara. It’s a bootcamp!
  9. DON’T even think of getting coffee or going out for lunch. This is only acceptable for business meetings that you must attend.
  10. DO have your goal in mind every single day! 
My veggies for this week
My goal is to spend less than $40 (CAD) each week on groceries and reduce other spendings to none. It’s going to be a real challenge because I will be having friends over but I only see it as extra motivation! For this upcoming week I got broccoli (on sale), a large carrot, a large red pepper, three baking potatoes, a yam, a jar of cashew & brazil nut butter (on sale), three avocados (on sale), and a large romaine lettuce. It cost me less than $29. In my pantry I have gluten-free pasta, buckwheat grains, wild rice, barley, oats, buckwheat flour lots of various legumes (lentils, beans, chickpeas), and some nuts. In my freezer I have my spinach vegan gluten-free pierogi, some homemade spinach & collard greens pasta sauce, lots of cooked cabbage with chickpeas, peppers and mushrooms, frozen spinach and frozen berries. Sounds like a pretty damn good week and month is ahead of us!
If you decide to join me, please let me know in some way. It’s easier to combat our weaknesses together!
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  • Monika

    This is such an inspiring post! It made me think about my current lifestyle and how to get better. I would love to join the challenge! Thank you for sharing your great ideas!

  • A Side of Avocado

    Thank you! Go ahead and join me! I'm baking potatoes for tomorrow right now!

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