Today I would like to take you on a trip to the Middle East. Somehow, lots of vegan dishes come from the Middle East: tabbouleh, fresh fruit salads, falafel… and mujadara. Mujadara, also spelled as mujaddara or m’judhara, is also known as the “poor man’s meal”, and dates back to medieval times in Arab history….Continue Reading “Mujaddara stuffed peppers – vegan Lebanese delicacy”

When I think of pierogi, I think of Sunday afternoons with my grandma, in northern Poland, when my age was a one-digit number. She would make the dough and let me roll and shape it and then carve little circles out of it using a glass, while she’d be making the potato and cottage cheese…Continue Reading “[Poland] Memories of pierogi / vegan gluten-free pierogi”

Back in the day when I was a little kid, access to the Internet was not as widespread as nowadays. In fact, I remember begging my parents so that they would let me use their, ancient now, ZX Spectrum machine to type some sentences in the Tag text editor. Entertainment via technology was a rarity, and…Continue Reading “[Poland] The best thing since sliced bread is one that’s homemade”