Dreaming of beautiful inertia

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Beautiful inertia. Is it just me, or do you also sometimes feel like you are being carried by open water. Some of us develop the strength to drift in our own direction and some of us just follow the stream.

guesses of the unreal

i don’t like when what’s mine is in fashion.
especially painful is my love
for bialoszewski,
although we have latvia, sartre, radom,
the language of cats and a mast in the forest
in common.

i am surprised, that poetic monoamory
and emotional hipsterhood
have not yet been called lack of erudition.
and – there we go: a kid with bialoszewski’s “memoir…” says hi –
an epiphony of alienness in espadrilles clicks,
a magnetic card, banancino with whipped cream, colored charts
twitched and it is already clear what he’s spending on.

i’m surprised again: someone chose classes
just like me. I think, somewhere, someone has his
dental x-ray, and some priest remembers his sins.
did you see the google map boy in the window?
he has a blurry face
to me but someone likes to watch
him sleep. truth is the subject of interpretation.

we have nothing of our own.

 A friend of mine visited me in Toronto and we decided to pay the Toronto Ripley’s Aquarium a visit. And then I made this.

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