When you’re thirty, pulling thirty, or already thirty-something, you may wanna do something to finally put your life together. Well, one thing is sure – you don’t wanna be doing what I’m doing (writing this over a can of cider in a secluded bar with “Boulevard of broken dreams” in the background). But I’ve seen…Continue Reading “How to improve your life as a thirty-year-old”

Today I would like to take you on a trip to the Middle East. Somehow, lots of vegan dishes come from the Middle East: tabbouleh, fresh fruit salads, falafel… and mujadara. Mujadara, also spelled as mujaddara or m’judhara, is also known as the “poor man’s meal”, and dates back to medieval times in Arab history….Continue Reading “Mujaddara stuffed peppers – vegan Lebanese delicacy”